I feel the need for infinity

One day, with glassy eyes, my mother tells me: "When you are in your bed, that you will hear the barking of dogs in the countryside, hide in your blanket, don't make fun of what they do: they have an insatiable thirst for the infinite, like you, like me, like the rest of humans, to the pale and long figure. same, I allow you to stand in front of the window to contemplate this spectacle, which is quite sublime. " Since then, I respect the wish of the dead.

Me, like dogs, I feel the need for the infinite… I can not, I cannot satisfy this need! I am the son of man and woman, after what I was told. It amazes me…I thought I was more!

The remainder, that doesn't matter where i come from?

Me, if it could have depended on my will, I would rather have been the son of the female shark, whose hunger is friend of storms, and the tiger, to recognized cruelty: i wouldn't be so mean.

Isidore Ducasse, Lautréamont – THE SONGS OF MALDOROR – SONG FIRST – verse 8